For the aluminum Ultimate Dutch Oven, the cleaning is the same as for ordinary pots and pans. Use soap, water and scrub as usual for your other pans. For a lot of our cleaning we place the whole Ultimate Dutch Oven, racks grill and all right into the dishwasher. If you have seasoned your oven like a cast iron oven then you should clean it like you would a cast iron oven. If you use soap and water on the seasoning it will wash off.

For cast iron ovens, the cleaning process is in two steps. First, remove as much of the food as you can and second, maintenance of the coating. To remove stuck on food, place some warm clean water into the oven and heat until almost boiling. Using a plastic mesh scrubber or coarse sponge and NO SOAP, gently break loose the food and wipe away. After all traces have been removed, rinse with clean warm water. After cleaning and rinsing, allow it to air dry. Heat over the fire just until it hot to the touch. Apply a thin coating of oil to the inside of the oven and the underside of the lid. Allow the oven to cool completely. The outside will need little attention other than a good wipe down with a oil soaked paper towel or rag.