Preparing to Cook

Besides Your Dutch Over, OTHER THINGS YOU WILL NEED:

A good pair of leather gloves can save time and prove invaluable around a hot fire. A pair of Work Style gloves will do. If you want you could look at a Fire and Safety Supply house or a store that supplies fireplace accessories and locate a pair of fire handling gloves.

Something else you will need is a shovel. The standard garden type will be sufficient. It will be used for stirring the coals and lifting them out of the fire pit to the oven. The style and length of the handle is up to you, the user. The longer ones are great but not practical on hikes and canoe trips. While the short Army shovel that folds is great for hiking and canoes, they suffer from short handles, getting you and your hands closer to the fire.

Another item which will prove to be worth it’s weight in gold is a pair of pliers. Last but not least a good lid lifter is invaluable we recommend you get one that grips the lid ring as you lift it. These type of lifters make it much easier to remove the lid without spilling ashes into your food. You will definitely need a pair of long handled tongs to use when handling the hot briquets. I would suggest at least 15 to 18 inches long.